The cooking process is the simplest, very refined, free from oil and fat. Every day a buffet lunch & dinner comprising the above, with almost 15 varieties of herbal food, varieties of deserts & a complimentary herbal wine, a dinner not only fulfilling the cravings of the taste buds but also fulfills The course of the buffet are synchronised with the constitution of ones body and its response to different kinds of food.

Nature has provided a variety of food items to us, and how these herbal items form a healthy diet, is stressed here. Food cooked in a traditional manner, cooked in earthen vessels, served on leaf ware etc. An understanding of the ingredients of each dish will be in-detail monitored and explained by an Ayurvedic physician. "Let thy food be thy medicine" The food we eat, how we cook it, how we garnish it, is all very important. Herbal food and fruit juices are the best form of natural food. All this is based on the basic principles of Ayurveda and these principles form the foundations of the cuisine, which helps one to choose a constitution based diet, which will energize and revitalize your body and create a feeling of well being within one self.

Ayurveda describes diet, as being composed of five elements. i.e Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space. The quality and the effects of food eaten depends upon the elements it contains. Ayurveda describes a meal to have six tastes which have their own properties depending upon the element it contains. These are madhur(sweet), amla(sour), lavana(salty), tikta (bitter), katu(pungent) and kashaya (astringent). The perfect diet is that which maintains our health in a natural way, nourishes the limbs and the organs of the body, makes them active and supplies whatever is deficient in the body.

Your Liquid Diet while you are with us

Fruit juices are the best form of natural food. This is because they contain a large number of nourishing and disease fighting nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Few points of the advantages of the juice served at the Juice Bar :

  • The Organic acids of the salts in fruits after chemically getting digested leave an alkaline ash by the formation of alkaline carbonates, which turn the body alkaline and therefore aid in maintaining the correct Acid and Alkaline balance of the body.
  • All fruits juices and the citrus juices in particular have the property of cleansing and eliminating the toxic waste from the intestines.
  • The carbohydrates of the fresh fruit juices are chiefly in the form of fructose, dextrin and acids which are easily digested and completely assimilated. This in turn supplies quick and natural energy which is of immense value to the sick in recovering from sickness.
  • Fresh fruit juice provides necessary vitamins, minerals, metals and enzymes besides energy to the body in the easily assimilable form.


The Dietetics Department provides modified and therapeutic diets to general ward patients and private ward patients at their bedside ward pantries. Diet is compulsory for all warded patients. All therapeutic diets are served in labelled insulated tiffin carriers. Facility exists for general ward patients to opt for private ward diet if they so desire.

Patients of TB may develop some or all of the following symptoms-

  • Enteral nutrition is provided for the critically ill patients who are unable to take food orally. All therapeutic feeds are provided in labelled individual leak proof food grade plastic tumblers. All the warded patients on therapeutic diet are given detailed dietary instructions to be followed at home at the time of discharge. Day-to-day monitoring of patients' condition is done through extensive daily ward rounds by dieticians.
  • The kitchen is run on contractual basis. The contractor is responsible for arranging raw material, fuel gas, manpower, cooking utensils and serviettes as per the recommendation of the institute while major equipment is provided by the hospital. The meals are prepared and served as per the daily instructions given by the dieticians who maintain a strict check on the quality of food and the services provided.
  • The OPD patients referred from various OPDs, viz., Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics etc. are given diet counseling in the ‘Diet Clinic'
  • Institute hospitality meetings of constituted committees, visits of dignitaries and college functions etc. is also looked after the department.
  • To educate the masses regarding principles of nutrition, the department observes the Nutrition Week from I st to 7 th September by organizing activities like Parent Nutrition Education Programmes, Nutrition Exhibition, Poster Competitions, Food & Nutrition Quiz Contests, Group Therapy Sessions Cookery Contests etc. Dietetics Department has also organized CME programmes in association with the Department of Medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Surgery (twice) in each of which more than 400 delegates from the North have participated.. These academic programmes have helped tremendously in enhancing the knowledge of the delegates besides generating goodwill among the medical and the dietetic fraternity.

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